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for Use of the Service “Online Submission”


This Agreement governs the relationships between the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) and the User of the Service “Online Submission” (hereinafter referred to as Parties).

The date of User registration on the portal for the Service “Online Submission” corresponds to the date of coming into force of the rights and obligations under this Agreement


I. Object of the Agreement

1.1. Under this Agreement, the Parties have agreed on the procedure for online submission of applications for Intellectual Property objects (IPO) and related documents, as well as on the modality of signature.

1.2. AGEPI undertakes to connect the User, free of charge, to the Service “Online Submission” to provide him the opportunity of submitting applications and related documents in electronic form to the AGEPI.

1.3. Parties mutually recognize the electronic documents prepared in the specialized Service “Online Submission”, certified by the application of the electronic signature generated by the system.

1.4. Electronic signature generated by the specialized software may only be used in the service for online submission of IPO applications and related documents.

Signature provides for the:

  • Verification of documents integrity;
  • Confidentiality of the document;
  • Identification of the person who sent the document.

1.5. If the documents submitted online are requested by AGEPI on paper carrier, User is required to submit all the documents authenticated with the handwritten signature and/or stamp.

This bond will not be required if User applies the “Mobile Signature” or other valid digital signature according to the provisions of Law no. 264-XV of 15.07.2004 on Electronic Document and Digital Signature.


II. Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

2.1. To gain access to the Service “Online Submission”, User must register on the portal

2.2. During registration for the Service “Online Submission” User confirms his consent to the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement and assumes his obligations under this Agreement.

2.3. AGEPI provides User’s access to the Service “Online Submission” nonstop (daily, 24 of the 24 hours), except for cases of force majeure, planned technical prevention works, and extreme cases of unforeseen technical troubleshooting.

2.4. AGEPI issues to the User, free of charge, the electronic authentication signature through the Service “Online Submission”.

2.5. Signature is only recognized and used between Parties to this Agreement and for its execution.

2.6. Sending of applications and related documents in electronic form to AGEPI by means of the Service “Online Submission” will be performed by the User only after application of electronic signature.


III. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

3.1. AGEPI undertakes:

3.1.1. To give User access to the Service “Online Submission” and the Instructions for Use of the Service on the portal

3.1.2. To activate User account on the portal User account activation involves the allocation and reservation of all elements contained in this service (username, password, etc.).

3.1.3. To issue to the User the electronic signature;

3.1.4. To provide the online transmission to the User of the electronic receipt confirming acceptance of IPO applications by AGEPI;

3.1.5. To inform the User through the portal and electronic mail about technical preventive works or other activities which require temporary disconnection of service, as well as resumption of Service “Online Submission”;

3.1.6. To ensure confidentiality of applications submitted in electronic form to AGEPI;

3.1.7. To give User advice on use of the Service “Online Submission”.


3.2. AGEPI Rights:

3.2.1. To suspend or disable User account if the information provided by him is untrue;

3.2.2. In order to protect the information system, AGEPI shall be entitled to temporarily disable User access to the Service “Online Submission”, if it is found to be the target of cyber attacks;

3.2.3. To block access to User account, if there are suspected security problems in the system which may cause potential harm to both User and AGEPI, informing the User about the access lock.


3.3. User undertakes:

3.3.1. To maintain and update personal data in case of their change;

3.3.2. To legalize the applications in electronic format, using the IPO forms automatically generated by the Service “Online Submission”;

3.3.3. To apply appropriate security measures to impede the access of foreigners to electronic signature and personal account;

3.3.4. To sign the applications and related documents with the electronic signature, in order to confirm their veracity;

3.3.5. Do not disclose to others the information about password, username and/or information that may compromise authentication electronic signatures.

3.3.6. To comply with the regulations of this Agreement.


3.4. User Rights:

3.4.1. Right to information and fairness;

3.4.2. Right to submit proposals for automation of the procedure for online submission of IPO applications.


IV. Technical Troubleshooting

4.1. User complaints about the quality of the Service “Online Submission” are sent via the electronic (e-mail), contact and support mail of AGEPI, communicating to the User the registration number of his complaint. Contact relations of the Support and Contact Center: tel. (+373 22) 440021;


4.2. In case of a failure in the Service “Online Submission”, troubleshooting will be made within 24 hours from registration of User complaint (for compliance with all terms of this Agreement). Depending on the complexity of trouble, troubleshooting can take more than 24 hours, in which case the User will be notified via the portal and e-mail.


V. Final Provisions

5.1. All communications between the Parties shall be made using the mailing and contact addresses listed upon registration in the online submission system. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, User shall give his consent that AGEPI transmits his mail in electronic format (e-mail address given upon registration). The paper format version of the mail shall be sent only on request.

5.2. Differences or disputes arising between the Parties, in connection with the execution of this Agreement, shall be settled amicably and in case of disagreement, they will be resolved in the competent courts as established by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

5.3. In all other cases, not provided for in this Agreement, the Parties shall act in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

5.4. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User confirms the obtaining of electronic authentication signature automatically generated by the system and agrees on the submission of documents in electronic format, using the electronic signature.